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Cabbage Powder: A Powerhouse Vegetable.

Do you know that Cabbage powder is regarded as a powerhouse vegetable? It is filled with good nutrients and vitamins. It is filled with fiber, folate, potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, and K.

Cabbage is great with its plant chemicals called phytonutrients with its cell-protecting force.

It is loaded with nutrients and chemicals. It fills you up so you can eat less. There are many reasons why you should include cabbage as one of the cruciferous vegetables you should eat on a regular basis. With a busy life, work, homemaker, being a mom, or Dad, we understand that it might be difficult to prepare cabbage always, as a result, you can buy the Cabbage Powder from our website and enjoy these nutrients without missing out on the benefits. Click here to buy now

If you want to enjoy dehydrated vegetable powder as a swallow ( a replacement for high carb dense fufu, pounded yam, and eba) you will need to use husk as a binder. You can buy husk from our website by clicking here.

Dehydrated Cabbage Powder is available on our site. To buy click here.


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