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Why cabbage should be part of your food daily.

There are different views about the nutrient contents of most foods and whether they are healthy. However, the benefits of cabbage are not in dispute. Cabbage is one of the most nutrient-filled vegetables. It is low in calories and filled with essential vitamins and minerals. There are essential health benefits associated with eating cabbage.

Cabbage is low in calories with high fiber content.

It helps in digestive health and contains antioxidants that help to fight against free radicals to reduce stress on the cells. Anthocyanin helps in protecting the red blood cells.

Also, cabbage helps to reduce breastfeeding discomfort.

It May help to reduce risks associated with type 2 Diabetes.It contains high levels of indole-3-carbinol, and Scientists believe this chemical is essential in preventing some types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer.

It promotes brain health and reduces the risk of dementia. Some research has shown that eating cabbage a day increases the longevity of brain health, with an average of over ten years younger than those who do not eat cabbage. Here are some of the nutrition benefits of cabbage.

  • Cabbage is rich in choline and lutein antioxidants. These compounds are reputed to limit oxidative stress that may help prevent cancer.

  • Cabbage contains the followings:

  • Vitamin B

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin K

  • Potassium

  • Manganese

  • Copper

  • Folate

There are many reasons to love cabbage, and it is indeed a super nutrient vegetable. You should have some!


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