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The Nutrients Benefits of Cauliflower Powder

It is common knowledge that green foods, especially vegetables, provide added benefits to healthy living. However, identifying the right vegetables that provide essential nutrients is difficult for some people.

Hence, the review of the nutrients contents and benefits of cauliflower powder. Cauliflower powder is a superfood filled with nutrients, low in calories, and rich in fiber.

It is a natural source of vitamins that contain a high amount of minerals, such as antioxidants properties that may help in weight loss and rich in choline which is reputed to support metabolism that works to reduce or prevent cholesterol. We at the Ketogenic World have made it easy for your busy life to enjoy this product without difficulty. You can order this product from our website with a discount. Use code blog101 on checkout to enjoy 10% on checkout. Visit

Here are some of the nutrients found in cauliflower vegetable powder. In 100g of Cauliflower, the following nutrients are found.

  1. Contains 80% of Vitamin C. (2) 25 Calories (3) Potassium 299 mg (4) Iron (5) Vitamin B-6 (6) Magnesium (7) Dietary fiber (8) Folate (9) Pantothenic acid (10) 0 g Trans fat

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