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Glycogenesis is the process of converting excess glucose/sugar into glycogen which is then stored in the liver and muscles. When enough glycogen has been stored in the liver and muscles and there is no more room to add more, the leftover glycogen will now be converted into fat through the process of lipogenesis then stored in different parts of our body.

In a situation a person begins a strict Ketogenic diet and restricts their carbohydrate intake to 20 grams or less daily, the glucose level in the body will drop significantly and places the body in deficit of glucose which is normally the main source of energy for the brain and body systems.

However, the body has the ability to adapt to other fuel source and would protect itself. Therefore, in the absence or restricted glucose, the body burns the stored fat in our various body parts and creates molecules called ketones. The body and brain now uses these newly created ketones as its fuel or energy source instead of the glucose.

The state in which the body breaks down stored fat because of its inability to access glycogen or glucose is called ketosis. In this group, we love ketosis and strive to get into ketosis, the fat burning mode. Ketosis occurs when we restrict carbohydrate not when we increase fat. In this group, we run on ketones not glucose.


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